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With an edge of daring and a tinge of heartbreak, Lindsey O’Brien Band (LOB)’s singular brand of soulful, rock & roll has been a staple of the Colorado music scene for more than six years.Their sound unites the drive of rock, the depth of folk, and the groove of soul—and throws in the get-up-and-dance of funk, a touch of jazz sophistication, and just enough pop to party to. It’s a full, layered sound that achieves no small feat: crowds both want to shout along and hear every word close—which is why they keep coming back for more.

You couldn’t ask for more from a front woman—O’Brien has remarkable emotional and musical range, powerhouse vocals, and undeniable magnetism. Her voice easily brings crowds to their feet, but also has a singular lilt that gives the music a depth beyond its dance-ability.

Marching Band Director Dr. Christopher Nicholas, on trombone, and Dave Clapsaddle, on sax, inject songs with big-band enthusiasm. With roots in CSU’s music himself, Matthew Mahern ups the rock quotient, adding a bold melodic layer on lead guitar. On bass, Craig Fowler anchors the LOB sound with deeply soulful, danceable grooves. Seasoned drummer Eric Imbrosciano empowers the group’s compositions with driving rhythms tempered by a sophistication that draws from the funk, dance, jazz, rock, blues, and other influences.